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Kane of Kaua'i, painting by Mac James, Kaua'i, Hawai'i

  Kane of Kaua'i
Graphite and oil on canvas mounted on veneer
49.5" x 50"
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Kane was my good friend on Kaua'i of deepest intensity and respect. His knowing gaze and intellect, quiet nature and ?view from the top? when riding his gargantuan frame proved how lucky to be on Kauai each time I got on him; or groomed his giant self, covered with mud from a hard storm the night before. Kane?s solid strong step and protective mana were pure power. My great fortune to help care for Kane on a daily basis for over three years gave us time to talk, laugh and weep. Now passed, Kane is a void never to be replaced but cherished for having had the luck to have known him so.

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