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Mandala (Beneath the Albizia Tree), painting by Mac James, Kaua'i, Hawai'i

  Mandala (Beneath the Albizia Tree)
Graphite on gessoed canvas
40" x 30"
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Fierce winds and rain arrived late this year on the island. Flooding was rampant, and debris thundered up upon the beaches and choked the rivers and streams as it spewed down from the uplands and poured into the sea.
I saw this one-hundred foot Albizia tree uprooted the night of wild winds before and toppled to the ground. I saw it every day there after for over two months on my daily walk before
crews arrived to undertake the two day chore of sawing it to pieces and trucking it away.
The root base was fascinating and reminded me of a long life and tales of folklore and story.

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