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The New Day, painting by Mac James, Kaua'i, Hawai'i

  The New Day
Red dirt, sea water, gold oil pigment, oil on canvas with artist frame
901/2"x 541/4"
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The New Day describes the current "state" of the so called State Of Hawai'i. This "statehood" encompasses all Islands of the Kingdom Of Hawai'i. The remains of the day are portrayed as a tryptiche in one painting depicting light from the bottom of the work exuding morning up to mid day and the fall of night. The flag design is that brought and flown by the British after destroying every trace of the original Hawai'ian flag. The original flag known as the Kanaka Maoli, possess the image of the Royal Kahil'i staff in front of two pointed rowing paddles. Here that image arrives on the trade winds as positive force spirit of light and support for the original beliefs and practices before invasion from the outside world. The British flag flys madly whipping in tatters and shreds in the wind. No one cares to tend to its repair, only watch the slow demise so the former and true flag and life may return and thrive.

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