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Iselle, painting by Mac James, Kaua'i, Hawai'i

Oil, graphite, kiawe charcoal on seamed canvas
84"x 78"

Iselle appeared from nowhere and quickly became the storm to watch behave or not the world over on radar and all electronic venues as she "barreled" towards Hawai'i scheduled to impact the islands the likes not seen since Iniki over twenty years ago. As she loomed her way slowly towards she introduced us to her little brother Julio as he awoke and formed directly behind her and but days away as well. Anxiety for one storm enough, the thought of two back to back had islanders scrambling for provisions and plans for surviving. Her final arrival to Hawai'i island with only sustained winds of fifty miles per hour gave all cause for relief. A blow of wind, much needed rains in dry areas and amazing surfing conditions were the epic results.

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