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Iselle + Julio Approach Kaua'i, painting by Mac James, Kaua'i, Hawai'i

Iselle + Julio Approach Kaua'i
Oil, red dirt, kiawe charcoal, sea salt, graphite, gold pigment on canvas
60"x 78"

A twenty-two year gap in time since Iniki ravaged the island of Kaua'i gave cause for anxiety to all ohana as word of a double hurricane event brewed and churned towards all Hawai'i on August 8. The mind's eye in this painting forecasts the approach of the two storms in real time. The storms tracking just hours at this time behind each other gave thought to real panic.
To great relief each storm curtailed their paths leaving behind only heavy rains; much of it needed in dry areas along with some crop wind damage and beautiful surfing conditions.

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