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Shark Fin Soup, painting by Mac James, Kaua'i, Hawai'i

Shark Fin Soup
Oil on canvas over veneer
30" diameter

This is the final painting based on the drawing from 2008. Nearly ten years later, and nowhere on Earth is there a law outlawing endless killing and finning of sharks or limits on doing so.
No ban on shark fin soup served round the globe in fine restaurants by criminal chefs to moronic rich trash who know exactly what they are contributing to and fueling the endless request for more. Poor local fisherman are bribed with more than they make in a year- left to do the killing out of site and deliver the spoils.
This behavior will end when people end - our inherent ability to destroy virtually everything in record time and always at the top of our list to continue doing so for something few understand as progress.
My bet is with the sharks, whose unchanged evolution and respect for the kingdom they have protected and ruled for over four-hundred million years continues in harmony with the Earth.

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