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Red Sky In Morning,<br>
Sailor Take Warning! <br>
Red Sky At Night, <br>
Sailors’ Delight! <br>, painting by Mac James, Kaua'i, Hawai'i

Red Sky In Morning,
Sailor Take Warning!
Red Sky At Night,
Sailors’ Delight!

Oil on canvas over veneer
80” diameter

This sailors’ knowledge passed for eons scanning the seas by eye, spyglass or technology today remains the same in meaning of rough or calm weather on your next horizon.
Hammerheads act as a sky compass of direction and protection, dorsal fins pointing north, east, south and west.
The tall ships were inspired by my great-uncle Robert R. Newell.
He was a highly regarded artist portraying actual tall ships of U.s. and British registry in exquisitely accurate and painstaking detail; as well as a huge body of eye-popping watercolors of New England and vessels of all sorts in high gear on the open seas.

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