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This is Not a Drill, painting by Mac James, Kaua'i, Hawai'i

This is Not a Drill
Oil, graphite, fire with diorama
60" diameter

Earlier this year on an exceptionally clear morning about 5am, every phone and electronic device known to exist in The Hawai’ian Islands received an electronic text warning of the end of our existence as we knew it; advised to occur in approximately thirty-five minutes from time received.
The text from The State Of Hawai’i was now accompanied by familiar non-stop screeching evacuation siren, usually reserved for alerting us of tsunami or hurricane approach.
The text urged of pointless evacuation and preparations from an already launched nuclear missile by North Korea, enroute to strike Kaua’i first, then on to decimate life on the remaining Islands.
The last sentence of the text, in all capital letters read:
A false alarm in the end, the press of State incompetence and shattering effect on residents was shameful.
One can only make light of this absurdity, another example of life is stranger than fiction.

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